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Student Ministry - Metro Union starts with the beginning of the semester. 

  • Do you study or work in Olomouc? Do you have your whole life ahead of you and yet you wonder sometimes - is this all worth it? Metro Union is a place where you can come, discuss and think about life or things which you usually don't have time to think about. Metro Union is also an opportunity to get to know new people.
  • Metro Union is non-traditional Student Worship Service that takes place every second Tuesday in the evening. T

We want to create place where you can have fun, think about things, get to know new people. A place where you can also get to know something about Jesus and Christianity. A place where anyone can come - believer or non-believer. We want to destroy prejudices about Christianity - and show you that even nowadays, Jesus and God have something to say to us. We want to study together what it means to live according to Jesus. 

We have following events: 

Student Worship Service - Every second Tuesday; program: music (worship), interesting topic and speaker who has something to say about it. We offer discussion, some refreshments, hanging out with people.

Union community gathering - smaller group meeting at Polska 29 street, also at 7 p.m. There's usually a short time for program, discussion on given topic in small groups, prayer.


The Worship services are every other Tuesday (twice a month) at třída Kosmonautů 1288/1 (near train station, and also near tram stop "Envelopa) at 7 p.m.

You are more than welcomed to come!

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