The vision of Metro Church

Our vision is "To be healthy church which plants new churches"

  • Our desire is to reflect Jesus in our lives so that other people may get to know him. Jesus is God and we want as many people possible to know him personally.

  • We want to connect people together. When you open the Bible, you cannot miss the emphasis on community. We want to create a community of people that functions on fundation (values, standards) which lays in the Bible. 

  • We want to go on and plant new churches. Our goal is not to create only a nice environment, where we will feel comfortable. We would love other people all around the Czech Republic to experience something similar as we are in our Church. That's why we don't want to just settle in but our desire is to plant new churches or support in the Czech. 

  • Metro Church originated in 2011 and it's part of Bethren of Church in Czech and Slovakia. The church that has planted us is CB Maják na Vsetíně



How to describe our specifics? How do we live and what are out attitudes as Christians? What do we invest our time, energy or money for? We believe that: 

  • Jesus Christ is God - I believe that he is a living God. Not only some abstract thought but concrete person. Jesus Christ is the one who I respect, He is an example for my life and I follow Him. 

  • Since I know Christ, I don't want to live for myself. I want to live in a community of people who believe in Jesus, who know him and have personal relationship with him. To grow as a Christian, I realize a need of other Christians in my life - so we can encourage one another, confront one another and also share a joy together.

  • I don't want to live ONLY with people who are just like me - with same opinions, attitudes, perspective on life. Because I want other people to meet Jesus, I don't hide what I believe in but I'm able to openly talk about God and what He's done. My faith is reflecting in all aspects of my life, not only when I come to the Church or meet with other Christians.

  • I percieve Bible as a book which describes how God found a way towards people. A story of which I'm a part of and to which I like to come back to remind myself who God is and what he has done for me.

We are part of state-recognized denominations Brethren Church and the Network International Crossway Chapel

We are also part of Majak Network which plants new churches in the Czech Republic.


Metro (as a Subway) is made of various stations that are connected together. When you take the Metro, you can move yourself to another place and meet new people on the way. The stations are the base of Metro Church as well - they are Missional communities where people hang out together, spend their free time, help each other and they try to follow God and know Him more. When you come, it might look "busy" and "live", there's always something going on - as well as you'd take the metro. We have more groups, but we always meet together on Sunday Services where we worship our God. We want to create Church that shows who God really is and we also want to encourage each other.

What we believe?

Society perceives the Church as a throw-back in these days. People may think: "Christianity is for the weak people." "God does not exist." "Everyone has their own truth." "Maybe there is something is above us, but I'm not interested in it." "I see God in various things - people, different religions, universe, etc."

Each of us has probably already met someone with these opinions. We believe the Church can be relevant, Christianity is still up to date, and God exists.

At the center of all this, is one person - Jesus Christ. He is one of the most controversial figures of human history. Why? People love him, hate or even deny his existence. We believe that Jesus is God, and that it is worthwhile to know him.